3. Switches/Dimmers

All types of frequency dimming of lightings or other electronic appliances. Many models available for many branches like furniture-, appliance-, heating-, switchboard industry and many more.

Switches and Dimmers of all kinds,- please ask for further information.

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3.1 Handswitch

The classic handswitch,- easy and simple on-off. We serve special versions like on-off-on, high current ones, built-in or built-on, series switch or double rocker switches. Suitable for various cable types - please ask for further informations.

3.2 Footswitch

Footswitches are designed for turning on and off residential lighting fixtures, perfectly fit flood lights and all lights and electronic appliances to be switch on the floor. Available with rocker, push button or with a series slider. Suitable for various cable types,- please ask for further informations.

3.3 Dimmer

Dimmers serve the controlling of brightness. An additional on-off-switch is optional. Dimmers enable a smooth transition from dark to bright, electronically, magnetically or mechanically. Suitable for various cable types.

3.4 Endswitch

Endswitches are available, insulated for built-on, slim-sized for built-in, for walls, furniture, kitchen, residential, ready-wired or do it yourself.

3.5 Built-In Switch

Small and decent built-in switches of all sizes, for all tensions and currents. With rockers, push-buttons or pull-type-ropes. Round or square shapes, different voltages or currents.

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