5. Connector Systems 250V

The easy way to connect - without screws, soldering, tinning or other assembly works. A real time advantage.

Use our connectors and splitters for many applications:
furniture, LED-technics, RGB-control, dimming, controlling, IP44 and other IP applications.

Download catalogue connector systems 250V

5.1 3-pole 16A ARÜ

Plug-and-Play for High voltage. Stay flexible and connect or disconnect, switch and change components. Approved up to 16A and up to 3G1,5sqmm. Plugs, sockets, splitters for many industries.

5.2 3-pole 16A Assembly Version

Do it yourself! Plugs, sockets, and splitters as assembly versions to realise your projects yourself. Screwtype, pushtype, all for your own assembly.

5.3 2-pole 10A ARÜ

The quick and easy way to create safe high voltage connections. Stay flexible with connector systems.
Simple exchange of components, approved up to 10A and can be mounted with cables up to 2x1,5sqmm. Splitters available on request.

5.4 2-pole 7A ARÜ (HV Mini)

The little brother of our 250V 10A system. Same kind of application, but smaller in size. Second generation of high voltage 2pole systems, suitable to carry up to 7A. Complete system with plug, sockets and various splitters.

5.5 2-pole 2,5A (7,5 mm)

Tyco 7,5mm system, also known as Nector - S - System. Because of the compact design & round connectors does is fit through 8mm holes - a standard in the furniture industry. 2way and 6way-splitters, switcheable or permanent-power-on. Different colours for different codes (HV, LV, LED, UL, switch). please ask for more details.

5.6 2-pole 1A and 2,5A

The well-known furniture connector. Economical system for simple solutions. Delivery range comprises plugs, sockets and splitters.

5.7 C7 C8

Known for T5 cabinet lights and for many electrical household appliances. This mature system is in the market for many years, available from us as well, of course. Ask us for a special quotation!

5.8 HighLED

New generation of high voltage connector systems. It is made for 250V 5A and was designed for the use with high voltage LEDs. The small diameter allows the plug to fit through 8mm holes. It is available in 2pole or 3pole.

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