1. Cables

Cables are electrical conductors for various applications. They have different temperature resistances and voltage capabilities. The inner conductors are made of copper, steel, brass or aluminium, sometimes tinned, nickel, silver or even gold plated.

The insulation material is usually PVC, silicone, teflon or rubber. Other materials are also used, sometimes specially made. It is produced for fixed installation or changeable locations, for special areas like residential, washroom, outdoor or under water use.

Industries comprise furniture industry, lighting industry, home appliances, fair- or shop-building, heating industry and many other branches.

1.1 Insulated Wires

Insulated conductors for (internal) wiring of various electrical products.
Depending on the application, flexible or rigid conductors are being used. Special insulation materials serve different needs in terms of temperature etc. : rubber and PVC for low temperature, silicone or teflon for high temperature etc.

Different mechanical capabilities from soft (rubber, silicone) to hard (FEP, PTFE).

Single or double insulation in various square sections, certified by VDE, UL and other international institutes.

Used in all kinds of industries and branches.

1.2 Twin Wire

Twin wires and flat ribbon cables are offered in various colours, square sections and amounts of conductors, and with different insulations.  They are used for internal wirings in high- and low voltage applications, lately very common in LEDs. Multi-Conductors are suitable to control RGB and other colour changing lights.

1.3 Hose Cable

Cable with jacket are needed for lighting, appliances, engines, house-systems, indoor and outdoor. There is a variety of round and flat cables with various insulation materials from PVC to silicone to Teflon and many more.

Different amounts of conductors serve different needs as well as different square sections. Cables serve fixed installations or moveable appliances, on or in the wall, or flying connections from power source to light source.

We also offer specially made cables, such as halogene free (especially for airports, hospitals or other public buildings) and other cables according to international norms.

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